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Comics and cartooning were always something that held a great sway over me.  A lot of my earliest visual memories seem to involve them one way or the other, be it Batman, Charlie Brown, the Warner Brother mainstays, and so on.  I grew into it, more than out of it, and I'm still as happy to read a good episode of Asterix as I am to read history or literature.  So of course I had to try it myself.  A lot of my paintings are influenced by it - they are essentially graphic, and there is a lot of overlap there, but pure cartooning is another branch - and I have tried it at different times, but not with very convincing results.  I think I like it more than it likes me but here are some examples, taken from a Cretan magazine that I did some work for, many moons ago.   Sorry they are all in Greek.  They're funny, believe me, but no - I'm no Searle or Crumb.

IMG_0543 (2).jpg
IMG_0544 (2).jpg

A BLonde Joke.  How original, Steven.   Ahem...  Oh well, it got a few laughs... is it sexist?  Species-ist even?  I'll leave that to be debated amongst the intellectual fringe of my fan base.

IMG_0545 (2).jpg

Sthv Agora.  (In the Marketplace.)   Actually an old joke, but translated here to the typical Cretan or Greek market.  

our relationship, movie poster..jpg
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