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The Venetian Fort, Heraklion harbour.  pen and ink.

Deranged man, Heraklion.   Litho pencil on paper.

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IMG_0536 (2).jpg
IMG_0515 (2).jpg

Drawings for "Open mike night."  May 2019.  It always intrigues me how an idea develops, and why you even need the first scribbles.  You have the idea of what you want in your head, sure - but even then, it takes time to work it out.  So... here is the picture, taking shape.


May 20th.  Ink on better paper.

May 20th.  Black chalk on crappy brown wrapping paper.  


May 22nd.


May 27 - 29th.  This is the second to last one - I decided that when it was finished.  I wanted one more to get rid of the last bugs, but I did not want to over-agonise, as I have done so often.


Final drawing for  "Open mike night."  50 x 68 cm.  Brush, pen ink and whitener on coloured paper.


A large, almost full-size study for "The Perils and Pitfalls of Polite Conversation."  Ink, cassia and white highlights on paper.


A final drawing for "The Idle Student."  Slightly larger than A3.   Again, I did a few and I'm only showing the last one.  The point about drawing studies is that you organise the shapes, colours, leaving the actual painting to be fluent, clear, and not fudged around with.  This makes for a more attractive overall finish and the oil gets more of glow going.  Pencil on butcher paper.


The painting so far, unfinished.  


Rue de Romont, A3, pen and ink.


Pages out of a sketchbook, made here in Fribourg, Switzerland.


"The Idle Student."  Oil on canvas.  67 x 45 cm. (Unfinished.)

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