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  Auckland.   2006 - 2018

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Though I've said it many times - here I go again - the philosophy, the raison d'etre...

  I'd seen Auckland painted so many times, but never the way I thought it could be painted.  I wanted to work in the mad mix of Edwardian shop fronts, old villas, with the sub-tropic fauna and volcanoes.  And instead of having the usual one viewpoint thing - how about multiple viewpoints?  A painting with a dozen different vanishing points?   So I've tried to  make paintings that are like a memory of a day's travel - not just the view fro one standpoint which has been, let's face it, done to death.  I chose old cars because they looked better, not from any nostalgia.  I used acrylic paint because it dries quickly and lends itself to the graphic, hard-colour quality I wanted.  I guess the main influences here were Russian and Greek folk-Art, The American Regionalists, and somewhere in there...  old board game covers.   The first one here was finished in 2006, but I still do them, though not often.  I still keep meaning to say goodbye to the whole thing with one or two very large, 'goodbye' kind of pieces.    Summing up pieces, as it were.  We'll see.


ponsby sml.jpg

Ponsonby, any given Sunday.   Acrylic on canvas. 88 x 65 cm.  2006.    The first one I did in the series, and the first large piece I finished when I got back from Crete.  That's a Holden FJ in the front, by the way.  Not a VW, not a Morris 100.

big city sml.jpg

Big City Small World.  90 x 73 cm.  Probably the best title I ever thought of.  A very nice young couple that worked in a bank bought this piece.  A couple of months later, BNZ come out with a new slogan - "Auckland - the big little city. " No bull.

vauxhallnight sml.jpg

Vauxhall, Friday Night.  2007.  The night scenes really appeal to me, though they are a harder sell.  The car is a 1936(?) Vauxhall, powering through the night.  A friend of mine had one of these that didn't actually go.  It was built like a tank. 


Red Lambretta.  72 x 53.  The title refers to of course the scooter in the bottom right of the picture.  They were the lesser-known Italian scooter make.

mt hobsonsml.jpg

Mt Hobson.  72 x 56 cm.  Painted on illustration board, which is great for detail.  I liked doing the tools in the truck, the washing line, the kid's trolley.

two tone hillman.jpg

Two -Tone Hillman.  39 x 73 cm, on plywood.  The main influncers here was 1. - cute old cars that had swish paint jobs and 2. - those old Flemish altarpieces with their wings.  I thought it would be a fun format to paint in, to try and squish everything in that narrow space.

lostpic sml.jpg

Small landscape, on ply.  This piece got stolen.

dufyraoulcity sml.jpg

I thought I'd loosen up, and do a Raoul Dufy take on one of my landscapes.  Fun to do, interesting possibilities and I might do more later.  


Morning.  122 x 86.  On mdf.  And this is me getting serious again.  One of those Magnum Opuses I try to do now and again.  Kind of an International Cartoon Gothic, it you will.

summernight small.jpg

Summer Night Drive. Canvas, 120 x 72.  I like this one.  Took me ages. Again, I'd like to do more like this, and there is always that itch to do a really big  one, one that would be almost  immersive.

Night with Sunbeam.  (that's the brand of car.)  Acrylic on card, 30 x 68 cm.  A rougher, blunter approach as the paint was very gloopy.  Not good for detail, but fun to use.


Humber Hawk.  28 x 36 cm.  Acrylic on ply.  More detailed, going sort of Gothic (again) on this one.

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