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Usually I work from photographs, but off the cuff sketches are also possible, it just depends on what the customer wants.  Here are some examples of portraits I've made over the past 10 or so years.  Some are from my time in NZ, some from Crete, and others more recently from here in Switzerland. 


Cliff - an Englishman who wound up in NZ, of Italian descent.  He made great coffee, and was a very good model.   Ink using pen and brush on paper.  About A4 size.

IMG_0535 (2).jpg

A very wacky guy I met in Heraklio.  He must have been on meds, but he sat very well, and made a good subject.  Oil pastel on paper.


Gabriella - a bookshop owner of German descent I met in Woodville, NZ.  She had a really great store, found a few treasures there.   Watercolour on paper, roughly A3 size.

Swiss Portraits.  2021 - present day.

Some locals characters, people, whom I've made paintings of since I got here.  All good fun, I hope to make more.  All these are oil on canvas, and all roughly A3 in size.


Olivier, furniture restorer, in his workshop.


'Bero.'  A local.


Laurent - restauranreur of Le Grenier.  A bit of a character, one might say.


Marie - waitress at the Café du Midi.


Jean Francois - customer at L'Auberge des Boulanges.

Robert - oil on canvas, 35 x 50 cm.

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