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Switzerland 2020 - now

After visiting a few times, now I'm settled in Switzerland.  For a graphic/landscape/picturesque scene kind of painter, this place is an endless source.  Every town, city, has a gorgeous old centre, untouched by the wars that messed up the rest of Europe.  The people are pretty nice too.  Anyway - here are some more recent pieces.

Lovely Lausanne...  Well, my take on it.  The 4th largest city in the country.  Acrylic on canvas, 120 x 80 cm.

All the following drawings are of Fribourg, pen and ink, A3 size.  This city is a stunner, with an intact Medieval centre.   I love it - I could paint, draw here for a long time.


Fribourg - Cathedral, and St John's Square.  Acrylic on canvas, 120 x 80 cm.


View from the Café du Midi.  I'm putting more people in the pictures now.  It (obviously) livens up a picture, but also gives scale, and naturalism.  It took a while to make them look right, but they're getting better. 

Sketchbooks - you've got to have a few...


Cafés, bars...  The Swiss do like their coffee, beer, and crosswords.  That's all very common, I admit, but elderly ladies all sitting together for a white wine at 11 o'clock in the morning?  That's Swiss.


L'Auberge des Boulangers.  Acrylic on card, 32 x 42 cm.   Irène likes this one... well actually, so do I.  It came off very well and I must say -  painting on cardboard is wildly under-rated.   Try it out, I can totally recommend it.

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