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The Perils and Pitfalls of Polite Conversation
                         (and other pieces)


I did not really know how to classify this section, so -the heading is a painting I've been working on, on and off for some time, followed by this collection of miscellania.   New Zealand stinks, in general - so much repition, so little variation.  I could never understand those one-trick ponies, and was baffled by their popularity.  Keep 'em guessing, I say, and this page I hope illustrates this philosophy...

the perils and pitfalls of polite conver

The Perils and Pitfalls of Polite Conversation.  Oil on canvas.  74 x 56 cm.   This picture is based on true events - it all really happened.  Maybe she and I did not see the demons and gremlins pulling our hair, turning over the coffee cups, bungy jumping - but believe me, they were there.   I did a lot of versions, painted or just drawings, but this is the one I'm happiest with.   


Final drawing for the painting.  Roughly the same size.  Ink, cassia and whitener.

thedrunk sml.jpg

The Drunk.  Oil on wood, 28 x 19 cm.  Just kind of a gag, really.  But done in oil instead of pen and ink.

our relationship, movie poster..jpg

Our Relationship.  Gouache on illustration board.  I've always loved those very scary horror film poster from the 1950s - who doesn't?  So, here is my contribution - The awful tale of a little guy manipulated by the perfect woman.  And no, it is not me in the picture.  Honestly.

Night Fishing on the Congo.   48 x 32 cm.  Acrylic on canvas.  And what do I know, about night fishing on the Congo?   Nothing at all. actually.

congofishing sml.JPG

Auckland Gallery Opening, mid 1980's.  Oil on wood.  130 x 57 cm.   A cheerful reminiscence of what was.  Complete with the liars, jerks, hopefuls and hangers on.  The wine and nibbles were always better than the 'art' on the wall, and the people more interesting to look at, too.  

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